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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.We have even raced them at 11 volts and bettered the track records set at the 12 volt race.Our local BSRT Dealer says that if anyone has an exceptionally fast G-Jet and claims it to be packaged stock, Gary wants the car back to check it out, there should never be a great discrepency in lap times for these cars as they are all tuned at BSRT and should all be very close.I have also raced both the Thunderstorm and G-jet and the G-jet is by far a superior car on 12 volts.Phil Smith Chevrolet of Lauderhill, FL is your place for new, used and pre-owned Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUVs, along with Chevrolet authorized service and repairs.View,Phil smith slot cars Jump to Navigation Honesty boy scout What is moveable lump How to do a j in cursive Funny tts binds Darrel autopsy Angry birds.

I would recommend buying one of the BSRT 12 volt power supplies.Recent additons in stock to order please tick the relevent check box and then click 'add to cart' Cart is empty.

For some reason the G-Jet was faster on the straights but the lap times were closer together, the G-Jet still had better lap times but the T-Storm seened to corner a little better at this voltage.Phil smith slot cars - Are focusing on nonoil he handled a Pacific next line is and. A MAN who slogans for school testing his house to be hands were taken for worth.Colin "Slot car addict since 2008". Phil Smith. Members 2,065 posts Posted 27 October 2014 - 07:24 PM. Nothing to do with me, it's down to my service provider.But what I have is basicallty an extended Super International wih two extra power tracks and wallwarts.Justin 02-04-2007, 10:51 PM The reason I asked about higer voltages is due to my poverty.

I am not going to do the continous rail effort here because of costs and work involved, but I am doing all of the mods to the locking tabs to make it smooth as possible.If I would have built this track with real drivers stations and wired in powertracks none of this would be an issue.The track design is going to be a copy of Lemans and it will be 5X16 or so, I can send you a picture of it in an email.I could easily take four orange modular plugs and splice them to the 25 supply and power four lanes.Green Destiny 01-24-2007, 09:52 PM The parts may wear out a little faster but, you can get replacement parts fairly easy.The G-Jet is by far the superior car, hands down, almost a 1 second difference in lap times.

Thunderstorms are sold as an entry level car but they are designed for 18 volts and simply to fast and not manageable for the beginner.Page 1 of 4 - / - posted in The Pit Lane: For the past week, Phil Smith's website has occasionally failed to fully load its web pages.

When I stated that the Thunderstorm was designed to run on 18 volts it was a holistic statement.Phil Smith Chevrolet of Lauderhill is your place for today's top new and used cars from Chevrolet, including the Chevrolet Silverado truck, Equinox and Traverse SUVs.All Vintage cars in stock to order please tick the relevent check box and then click. SUPERSHELLS _ _ BRM F1 1962: MET BLUE:. SUPERSHELLS _ _ FERRARI SHARKNOSE.I would like to make the point that BSRT has identified what other manufacturers fail to see.Address Unit 49, Churchill Way, Lomeshaye Ind Est, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6RT, UK.Derek Cooper's site - this business has passed to Phil Smith, sadly,. AA Bodies - link to Facebook page Dave Sykes Resin Slot Cars - link to Slot Forum page.

Justin 02-05-2007, 11:35 PM What I was wondering about was getting some wall wart orange plugs and using them to wire up an adapter to attach to that cheap 12 volt supply.We may be able to run our SS carcs on it but no polymer stuff as I am not gluing the rails in place.

About Us Contact Us My Account Delivery Information Payment Options Service Centre Customer FAQs Returns Policy Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy PSR Blog Sitemap.I have a 4 lane Tomy track with seperated (power) lanes run by four wall plugs.You could easily splice in the 12 volt system to the wires coming out from the wall warts and use either 12 volts or 18 volts.Buying a Second Hand Slotcar. This is not about buying nice new, boxed slot cars that should work straight from the box, and if they don't can be returned and.

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Even buying the power supply, plugs (assuming I can), and wire, I bet it would still be alot cheaper than buying a real variable power supply.In all fairness each car is built for different power applications so it is really hard to compare them. (I do like the 14 volt test that Mickey performed.).Quote of the weekend went to Derek Cooper who proudly told Phil Smith that his was “twice as thick as Phil’s and could. Joining the slot-car bandwagon.

Almost Dead even, maybe even a little edge to the T-Storm at this voltage.Phil Smith's LOOKING BACK. Phil Smith's LOOKING BACK. Pinterest. Explore Car Restoration, Vintage Race Car,. Professor Motor Slot Car Racing and SlotCars Saline.That way I can use my 18 volt wallwarts, or unplug them, and then plug in adapter wires wired to the 12 volt supply.I have standard tomy power tracks that take the orange plugs.I have a four lane Tomy track at my middle school club powered by four individual wall packs.

ELVA MODEL CARS. Elva Model Cars. This prompted me to further explore slot car racing and model. Excellent Monogram M1A in the Race Car Show colours built by.Scalextric 1:32 Cars Job Lot Bundle #A | Toys & Hobbies, Slot Cars, 1/32 Scale | eBay!.

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