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There is ongoing work to integrate with CRIS systems, frequently commercial so interoperability here.

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And there are both older and newer ways to help make your research stand out.Shri: Things like how do we fit placements get represented, is that badged, etc.Over 180k people in Scotland are effected by a significant level of sight loss.And not all supervisors have a positive attitude to science communication.After I retired we shifted to the Right Information Community of Practice, founded in 2012.So, I want to classify users, identifying the set of categories a new observation belongs to.Edge modification can include edge rotation, random perturbation, relevant edge identification, k-anonymity orientated anonimisation.

Only 34% of scientists think that formal training in developing software is important.All students are being issued a micro:bit and students are now doing all sorts of creative things.We have the Scottish Funding Council involved and expect NI and Wales to be involved.At that time we again heard of the death of the medium, this time from YouTube (with NetFlix not far behind).Carol has been advocating releasing research as research objects, not just for scientists and researchers but for anyone inteterested in research and knowledge.

So we are developing our approach to optimising the free courses by enabling them to register interest in full courses offered by our partners.Surgeons maybe at risk, those able to engage and connect emotionally and intuitively should be safe.I have chosen to speak on this topic today as I think it is important to make visible the political positions that underly our assumptions and the systems we have in place today.I will be perusing the exhibition and other pod sessions but the liveblog will resume at 4pm for the closing keynote for the conference.As a volunteer this has been a hugely rewarding experience, and I thank the libraries for that.A theme across the day is that there is increasing pressure and challenges for researchers.

And we made sure all of our brands had a clear online presence.Today I wanted to talk about redesigning science for the internet age.So we had this 140 student, first year HE module on child and family policy.

But that relationship with the commercial ISP has also enabled us to negotiate a large discount for the new Heriot-Watt campus in Malaysia.A1) On YikYak the community can downvote unpleasant bad things.Students want to show employers that they have their LinkedIn profile, links to portfolios.The iChamps do meet to discuss and share experiences, but f2f can be hard.

I interviewed 6 individuals over a range of interviews with ethnographic tracing.Q4) I really enjoyed that and I think you may have answered my question.

You can be as top down as you like but unless there is local engagement your technologies will not be used.Tracey: We wanted to add to our current infokit on app based learning.But more competition coming up from the US and Australia, and that is why it matters that we do stuff well, to keep our competitive edge.I then moved onto BBC Two and their digital offerings in 2007.Jane: Copyright literacy means sharing and working as a community.Tools like socrative and nearpod lets you push information to devices.

Once you have that all mapped you can look at Isni, CrossRef databases etc.The Office for National Statistics looked at measures and found them robust but noted that the differences between institutions scores on the selected metrics tend to be small and not significant.For your cryptography work that may not be as relevant, but for others in this audience that guide is very helpful for understanding ethical research processes, and for thinking about appropriate research methods and approaches for ethical approval.In terms of BYOD that was something possible for students and staff.

We named some of the big tools (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), including social bookmarking (which we knew people would be less familiar with).A lot of this has been carried forward by collating activities across the sector, including other organisations already involved.When there is the right strategy and the right pedagogical approach, brilliant things can happen.Every journal, platform, and product is co-developed with ongoing community input.The decision is made on the basis of a training set of data containing observations whose category membership is already known.

But I hope these are areas of work that you are involved in, and developing.Well, the Managing Your Digital Footprint team have joined up with colleagues in the Language Technology Group in the School of Informatics for a new project looking at Yik Yak.There are different OSN propoerties that dertmine the type of the corresponding social graph.

Peter: At the moment support staff are often from different backgrounds, I think we need to equip them with coaching skills, in order to skill them to coach academic leaders, deans, etc.Culture in the Digital Age - Tartu Conferance - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online.

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