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I have never seen such a frank and honest article in Pakistani media.The courage of the writer is remarkable.Somehow the detractors spread this false propaganda through social media messages.

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Politicians will always do things that fetch brownie-points for themselves.The writer was the dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Lums.

I would rather go with out tomatoes than dealing with a nation whose leaders are openly conspiring to break pakistan in 4 pieces, where Kashmiri brothers are facing bullets in the eyes on a daily basis and Pakistanis living alongside LOC are facing their bombs on a daily basis.Thanks to the writer of this article also to hassan nisar, Rauf klasara and hakkanii former ambassador of pakistan in u s a for showing mirror and giving clear picture.If grower is assured of fair price then will invest in more expensive growing methods which will result in slight higher price but not rip-off we have seen this year.Farmers in Punjab who had previously grown 10 acres did not plant a single acre this year due to erosion of prices when the market was flooded by Indian tomatoes.Set in 18th-century Yorkshire, England, this family-oriented, adventuresome fable centers on a young local boy whobecomes the voice of a rakish Frenchman after the.Politicians are forced to play to the gallery by us and then we only suffer the consequences.

Fostering enmity with our closest neighbor is not a luxury that our (and their) starving poor can afford or survive even if this enmity does benefit a few.If a little research had been done it would have become clear that cheap imports from India, tomatoes specifically were eroding our tomato production.With fair level I mean Rs.15 per kg:) for grower not 200-300 what following the advice of ignorants will lead to even for few weeks.

Behavioral issues related to Stressfull situation for children.THE notification by Pemra barring all satellite TV channels, FM radio stations, and cable operators from promoting.(Rotten Tomatoes scores are calculated by. or how many aces are left in the deck at the blackjack. Math plays an integral part in some fine films.Pakistan produces one of the best quality horticulture produce in the world.India imported cement from Pakistan because of cost advantage.In anticipation of what is likely to follow, this being Pakistan, one cannot afford to lose any time taking to task another minister who has asked for the treatment.

Violence will decrease as people will have to go to jobs ( believe me, jobs are not as fun as cracked out to be:), but they keep us busy ).Hats off to you Sir for being brave and calling Spade a Spade.The top The Big Short quotes selected by the Rotten Tomatoes community. Login to submit a quote!.

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Because, things not flow smoothly and you loose competitiveness and efficiency.We in Pakistan have CPEC and it will make us rich overnight the Chinese have told us.Yesterday only I brought tomatoes at rs 25 per kg of good quality.You import cheaper items and grow cash crops that richer countries will buy.All over the world people are benefiting when their politicians put their welfare a priority, do not mix emotions and religion in international trade and relationships.

Off course some industry will shut down but some business will grow many fold and more than compensate for the loss.Why is this even debatable? If people want to gamble on daily fantasy change the laws so gambling is legal. But this is exactly what happened with Poker 8 years ago.We should not do business with an enemy like that whatever the cost.Sir, the ability to think rationally is lost when emotions get the better of common sense.The same policy turned India under Indira Gandhi from a food importer to exporter.

Ultimately, it is the Mafia of the moneyed middlemen which is stopping the consumers from benefiting from lower prices.Dear Brother and Sister Pakistan would be economic hub, center or Super power including South Asian Countries.

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India has enough population to consume our Agri product like tomato.Extremism, intolerance and brutalities may better be countered in a comparatively softer tone.

I hope the Ministers and the Prime Minister takes note of this fine analysis.

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What to expect from this country rulers who sends terririst in india for killing innocent and send their men for medical treatment.bcos they fail to provide any facility to their own men.At best we would have imported 3-5 million USD worth of tomatoes.

The Economic welfare of people in both countries and a sense of being secure.Thanks to Pakistani leaders and people for their anti India attitude.Even the reality of which country is breeding and exporting terrorism cannot be recognized.

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Blackjack is still the most popular table game in the casinos. The shorter time the better. Strafella as Casino Executive. ERGEBNIS BAYERN DORTMUND.There is no way to stop trading without hurting yourself first.

As an Indian, I hope our government never does something like this - if a daily use commodity consumed by people at large, especially the poorer sections of society, is in short supply, I hope the government has no second thoughts about importing from Pakistan, if the latter can provide at a lower price.Actually the price rise of vegetables everywhere is the handiwork of producers and transport mafias and ultimately the consumers pay for it.Blackjack Security Concepts LLC, Aliso Viejo,. 87% from fans on Rotten Tomatoes). So what the f*ck do they know. # BlackjackSecurityConcepts.

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