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While there is the option to buy a nut that has pre-cut string slots, cutting the slots yourself ensures that the spacing (and depth) will be absolutely what you want. KeyTone Line Guitar Lubricant For Nut slots

Thanks guys, As you know, there is a lot of confusion regarding zero frets or fret-height nut slots vs raising the nut, and flat necks vs relief.Page 6 of: A Step-by-Step Guide to Acoustic Steel String Guitar Setup,. The reason is that the twelfth fret measurement will change when you do your nut slots.

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This worked so well, I am also going to raise the A string slot. Everything you would ever want to know is in Dan Erlewine's repair books. The patch.

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Acoustic Guitar Setup Tips and Ideas. At the nut, I like to set the slots at "nut. it's possible to ramp the slots, so that the string creates a sharper break.High strings at the nut can cause sharp intonation and make playing in first position difficult, while low or worn slots can result in open-string fret buzz.I bought a used Ibanez rg7321 from a friend as my first seven string just to see if I would like seven string guitars. First fret string buzz? Nut slots too low?.


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Nut slot depth. If the other nut is a good height, I use double sided scotch tape, put it on the old nut just below the string slots,.

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polishing/smoothing nut slots. You gotta put some lubrication on your nuts so your G-string doesn't get stuck in your slot. alright, it's not that funny.

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How much wider than the string should the nut slot width be? Is there a tolerable range? The reason I ask is because I need help in determining the correct size range.

Made a noob mistake by assuming the nut on my Squire Bullet could take any size string. Bought a set of light-heavy Elixir strings and found out, to my.Cheap and easy DIY guitar nut lubricant. Once all six string slots are done,. It's used to lubricate lock barrels.If the bridge's string slots are not already cut,. I have found Stew Mac's graduated saw set extremely useful in cutting bridge and nut slots.

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Guitar setup methods for compensating the nut, such. The amount of compensation needed at the nut depends on string size. Continue the original slots through.Home » 12-String Setup Secrets. Cutting nut slots. The string slot depth adjustment is done with nut files that correspond to string gauge.

Fender Strat, New Nut. Notching the E-String Slots is the first step in laying out the nut slots. I don’t want the E strings too close to the edge of the fretboard.HELP: cutting bass guitar nut slots. with guitar nuts, you angle the slot so the string is guaranteed to break at the point where the string exits the.Nut calculator. If you find this. of the nut slots for even-spaced strings using any combination of string. and the gauge of each string in thousandths of an.The string spacing rule features markings that get gradually further apart for marking out nut and saddle slots. When marking out nut slots, if all stri.TUSQ Guitar Nuts. Why change your nut. problems such as string buzz,. nut blanks have some shaping done but slots slots will have to be cut as well as final fit.

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Cheap and easy DIY guitar nut lubricant Yeah, that’s right,. Once all six string slots are done, place the strings back into position.A string pops off the nut? 12-21-2009. At the end of the song i look, and my A string has popped free of the nut slot and is hanging out up by the E string.

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